Getting StartedΒΆ

As part of this section we will primarily understand different ways to get started with Postgres.

  • Connecting to Database

  • Using psql

  • Setup Postgres using Docker

  • Setup SQL Workbench

  • SQL Workbench and Postgres

  • SQL Workbench Features

  • Data Loading Utilities

  • Loading Data - Docker

  • Exercise - Loading Data

Here are the key objectives of this section

  • Connecting to Database using Jupyter based environment in our labs. This is relevant to only those who got our lab access.

  • Ability to setup Postgres Database using Docker for those who does not have access to our labs.

  • Relevance of IDEs such as SQL Workbench

  • Understand the key features for IDEs such as SQL Workbench including connecting SQL Workbench to Postgres Database.

  • How to load data into tables using Database native utilities?

  • Exercise to ensure our understanding related to loading data into the tables using database native utilities.